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New York City
Up And Down
By Joe Selch

We will give you the inside view like no one else

Coming from a nautical

Joe Selch

family and background

as a third generation ship's captain, we could explore how the waters that surround most of New York City have shaped its importance in becoming one of the world's greatest cities

Special Tours

Coney Island America's Playground - Come and hear about the birthplace of the hotdog and the roller coaster. Steeplechase, Luna, and Dream Land Parks. See many of the historical buildings and hear about the boys from Tammany Hall that made America's first funpark tourist destination.

coney island

Coney Island is a peninsula, formerly an island, in southernmost Brooklyn, New York City, USA, with a beach on the Atlantic Ocean. The neighborhood of the same name is a community of 60,000 people in the western part of the peninsula, with Seagate to its west; Brighton Beach and Manhattan Beach to its east; and Gravesend to the north.

The area was a major resort and site of amusement parks that reached its peak in the early 20th century. It declined in popularity after World War II and endured years of neglect. In recent years, the area has seen the opening of KeySpan Park, home to the successful Brooklyn Cyclones minor league baseball team.

Sheepshead Bay the Gold Coast (Brooklyn) - The first of the Hampton's of New York City. This playground of New York's rich and famous is the story of horse racing, Sir Winston Churchill, Jacob and Jenny Jerome, the first trans continental flight, summers at the Oriental Hotel, seafood/shore dinners, and the who's who of the 1880's social register. Come and hear the story of New York's first summer playground.

sheep's head

The Tale of Two Cities (The Brooklyn Bridge) - The tour will focus on the Brooklyn Bridge and the history of the then cities of New York and Brooklyn and their unification in 1898 through the building of the Brooklyn Bridge. Some tour highlights are the Tweed Court House, New York City Government Buildings, Brooklyn Bridge, Fulton Ferry Landing, Brooklyn General Post Office, Brooklyn Borough Hall.

Location where excursion starts: Chambers and Centre Streets, Manhattan, New York City by Statue of Horace Greeley
Location where excursion ends: Borough Hall, Brooklyn, New York City
Tour duration: 2.5 hours
Sights: Tweed Court House; New York City Government Buildings; Brooklyn Bridge; Fulton Ferry Landing; Brooklyn General Post Office; Brooklyn Borough Hall;

brooklyn bridge

RMS Titanic the New York Arrival - A century has sailed by since the luxury steamship RMS Titanic met its end in the North Atlantic, after hitting an iceberg on its maiden voyage. The deep sea grave became the final resting place of the Titanic in the early hours of April 15, 1912. The lives of the 705 survivors and those that perished had a profound impact on the City of New York that was waiting to welcome her.

Tour duration: 2 hours
Sights: Titanic pier; Jane Street Hotel; Cunard piers; Hudson River Park


Haunted New York - What is a great city without a few ghost. Join Joe Selch a certified paranormal investigator as we tour some of New York City's most hunted sites. Who knows where we may meet peg legged Pete, the Bishop of Broadway, pilots of the Royal Airforce shot down over Berlin, or one of Ziegfeld's Girls.


Algonquin Hotel, 59 W 44th St
Many guests at the Algonquin Hotel have claimed to spot members of The Round Table, a group of writers that met at the Algonquin for lunch daily after World War I. Members of The Round Table (who called themselves the Vicious Circle) include Dorothy Parker, Robert Benchley, Franklin Pierce, Robert Sherwood, Harpo Marx, Alexander Woollcott, Herold Ross, George S. Kaufman, Heywood Broun, Marc Connelly and Edna Ferber.



Bridge Cafe, 279 Water St
The building dates back to 1794, but the Bridge Cafe's life as a drinking establishment first began in 1847 when it was opened as a porter house, making it New York City's oldest bar. Just under the Brooklyn Bridge, rumors of ghosts of the pirates who frequented the bar continue.


Belasco Theatre, 111 West 44th Street
Numerous accounts of haunting at one of New York City's oldest theaters including sightings of the building's builder and namesake, David Belasco, who lived in an apartment at the top of the theater before his death in 1931. His ghost is said to interact with actors, offering kudos and handshakes, and many have reported hearing footsteps and the disconnected elevator running. Sightings of the Blue Lady, possibly Belasco's companion, have been reported numerous times.



Beth Israel Hospital, First Ave. at 16th St.
Many people have reported hearing unexplained footsteps, noises, and voices throughout the hospital.


beth israel

Brittany Hotel, 55 East 10th Street
Now an NYU dorm, mysterious music, lights and footsteps have been reported. People have also claimed to feel like someone is "watching them".


NYC Nature Tour (Brooklyn or Queens) -  New York City is home to miles of undisturbed shoreline that are on the eastern flyway. These areas are visited by scientist, avid birdwatchers, and home to one of the oldest creatures to inhabit the planet that breed on New York's shores. Come and walk the shores of Plum Island while learning about the people that once inhabited this and other islands in Jamaica Bay and how they interacted with nature in this area to earn their livelihoods.

The New York City Great Fire of 1835/Financial District
On the night of December 16, 1835 a fire broke out in the general store of Comstock and Adams. This fire destroyed 600 buildings and over 50 acres of the Financial District including the Merchant's Exchange (the first stock market in New York City).
Tour duration: 2 hours
Sights: Federal Hall; New York Stock Exchange; J.P. Morgan Chase Manhattan Bank; The Cotton Exchange; Stone Street; Fraunces Tarven; Delmonico's Restuarant; Coco Exchange.