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New York City
Up And Down
By Joe Selch

We will give you the inside view like no one else

New York, my town


Joseph Selch, native New Yorker, loves to explore this great city & share it with other people.

New York, New York

This means: The city of New York in the state of New York


The Global City

Over 46 million people visit New York in any given year. With over 170 languages spoken here, New York is the capital of the world.

Visiting New York is like visiting the whole world. Immigrants have come from every corner of the globe and made it the capital of art, theater, medicine, architecture, literature, research and so many other things. This is no doubt a multi-cultural city like no other.

Touring New York

On your tour of New York City you will learn what made this city the great place it is today. Who were the power players shaping and directing the changes that made New York City what it is today. What were the events that made New York City a global city? Who are the people that live here now and how they continue to institute change in this metropolis.

Your Tour Guide

I am a lifelong native New Yorker who loves to explore this great city and share it with other people. I know New York City from its famous tourist attractions and museums to its off the beaten path neighborhoods, along with the history that has helped them to shape this metropolis. Later on in the day when you get hungry from exploring I can assist you in finding the best food the city has to offer, from New York City hot dogs and pizza to all types of ethnic food, as well as the fanciest restaurants.

I will always make your visit memorable!